Daily Glass: Amarone (Trader Joe’s Amarone, It Is)

2008 Valpantena Amarone Conte di Bergonzo is my wine. I know shopping for wine at Trader Joe’s really gives you “bang for your $4.99” & it becomes easy to find a cheap wine you like [ Cocobon 😉 ] and stick with it. But don’t let this price tag shirk you from the purchase! This wine is worth well over $30 elsewhere.
⁂ Excellent Choice ⁂



Make sure you can open your wine quickly

Pump Style Red-Wine Bottle Opener


I’m continuing the quest for the best bottle of my favorite wine, Amarone (the concept of the “best bottle” also assumes great QPR). Last time we talked about Le Ragose Amarone, where I had big hopes which didn’t materialize (you can find the post here). This time, let’s talk about Amarone from … Trader Joe’s.

In the last post I told you about my discovery of value wines at Trader Joe’s in Massachusetts. Value Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay – of course. But value Amarone? Until now, my idea of value Amarone was Valpolicella Ripasso, the wine made by running juice through leftover grape skins after actual Amarone was already pressed. In general, good Amarone are hard to find for under $40, and typical range is $60 – $100 in a good wine store. And when it comes to price, same as for any other wines, the sky is the…

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