Beets With Raw Vegan Cheese

Cashew Cheese on Beets

–  1 -2 Beets depending on the size peeled and somewhat thinly sliced but not too thin as you want to be able to pick them up easily without them folding in half.  Once sliced place on plate or cutting board ready for the Dill ‘Cheese”

Dill ‘Cheese’

–  1 cup raw Cashews

–  1/2 cup Lemon

–  2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast

–  pinch Himalayan Sea Salt

– 1 tbsp ground Black Pepper

– 1 clove Garlic chopped or minced

– 1/2 cup of Water (approx)

Throw all ingredients into Vitamix or blender, add a little bit of water, blend on high and add a little bit of water as necessary. You do not want this thin, so just add a little water at a time. Once you have the right consistency, chopped up some dill and stir in (blending it in the Vitamix will make the cheese greenish in color and not leave any dill pieces). Spoon a spoonful on top of each beet and sprinkle a little more dill over for garnish.

See more at: Jodi’s site


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