Matcha & Green Tea Ice Cream

Now the only green tea ice cream we have right now are our mochi balls, I still found this article to be a good read.

Trader Joe's Green Tea Mochi

Green tea ice cream is ice cream made from certain types of green tea powder usually from matcha or maccha. This delicacy has its roots in Japan. Japanese ice cream distributors market varieties of this treat based on the specific green tea type from which it was made.

The Japanese sometimes serve their ice cream in a rather unusual way. Sometimes it is served in a bowl, similar to the way it is served in the west, but they also serve green tea ice cream in between monaka. Monaka is a Japanese sweet that is made with two sweet wafers that is then filled with a paste. In Japan, these wafers are filled with green tea ice cream making a delicious treat similar to what we know as an ice cream sandwich.

This delicacy is made with many of the traditional ice cream ingredients such as egg yolks, sugar, and water. Both cream and milk are usually included in a recipe for green tea ice cream. As the main ingredient, tea powder, derived from either maccha or matcha tea, is added.

Because matcha or maccha tea powder is used to make green tea ice cream, it gives it a wonderful green color. Matcha and maccha tea are common elements in customary Japanese tea ceremonies, and are usually kept in most Japanese households. The ice cream is usually made by cooking the ingredients and then freezing them.

This delicious treat is not commercially available to most people from the local markets in America. Because of this, many people have resorted to simply making their own, and you can too! An easy way to do this is to use vanilla ice cream and combine it with green tea powder. Some may not think it is a true green tea ice cream, but it is a simple solution for those who do not have time for a more traditional recipe.

Green tea ice cream first created in Asia is now introduced to America. Many people are enjoying this delicious creation as an alternative to traditional ice cream. Until we have it more widely available in American markets we will just have to find creative methods for making it ourselves!

Green tea is a healthy alternative to sodas and other caffinated beverages. To learn how you can use green tea to lose weigth go to

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