If You Are Looking For A Positive Environment…

Trilogy Sanctuary Aerial YogaI’ve lived in San Diego my entire life and it is great to see that there is more of an enlightened community building steam. My lady friend and I have been seeing a huge shift in energy in this pocket of the universe (the sandy eggo). Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of fear, judgement, and room for growth in our city, but the shift is starting to pick up speed. We have stumbled into quite a few places that nurture the soul by allowing you to be yourself. One of them is Trilogy Sanctuary. This place stole my ♡ as soon as I walked in. It’s a quaint & vibrant yoga studio/cafe. The energy forces negativity to disappear before you even enter the building and the people that work there are great! Leila & Joe own the place and they are so sweet your teeth rot the instant you meet them. They offer:








Now for the Cafe. Vegan, Organic, Raw (options). They make everything from scratch, even their sauces and dips. They have a juice line that they extract and make on site. And for those of you that think vegan food is disgusting… I didn’t know that there was so much flavor associated with strictly natural ingredients. Their chef is unbelievable in his pallet complexity. I love this place so much. Come look for me at the full-moon drum circles or the open mic nights! I personally can’t wait for their Halloween Party-Monster Mash-this year (hint) fire dancing!

Monster Mash Trilogy Sanctuary

The other place I am thinking of is stART Space. They have a lovely group of people that show up and want nothing more to entertain and connect deeply. I went to one of their Tea Parties and really got to know some perfect strangers in the matter of an hour or two. I sat and listened as a few people (some of which had never been there before either) signed up to speak in front of everyone. What seemed as if it was going to be an awkward, standard open mic, turned into deep bonding. The topic was change, and everyone spilt a few of their beans in front of a bunch of strangers. It was beautiful to see that not everyone is “flying in their rockets, only stopping by on their way to a better world.”  I have not spent as much time at this place yet, but already know of the huge impact it is going to have on my future self!

THANKS to both platforms for being so warm and having a loving atmosphere!


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