Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets

Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets

Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets

Steamed rice is mechanically kneaded until turned into a silky smooth paste, which is then stretched into long ropes, cut into pieces, and dried. The small squares are fried, which puffs them up. Then, they are tossed in sea salt. The resulting Nuggets are savory and addictive, and sure to be the rock stars of the snack aisle.



Rice, Palm Oil, Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF WHEAT, MILK, SOY, MACKEREL.

Click here for Nutritional Facts

Trader Joe's Healthy Cook BookTry the Trader Joe’s Cook Book out and impress all of your friends with your super-duper creative cooking skills 🙂

Also, it will help to keep you healthy and don’t we all demand good tasting, simple health inspiring food?



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