Italian Bigonda Cheese with Herbs

Italian Bigonda Cheese with HerbsItalian Bigonda Cheese with Herbs

made by a master cheese-making family in the Trentino province, with over 80 years of experience under their belts. The milk used in the making of this cheese comes from cattle that graze on the breathtaking mountain pastures of the Dolomites. The clean air and lush mountain grasses help the cows produce supremely fresh milk, ideal for making this traditional style of Italian farmstead cheese, known as caciotta, that has a semi-soft texture with a creamy, firm consistency.

$9.99 per pound


Pasteurized Milk, Sea Salt, Herbs (Laurel Leaf, Thyme Leaves, Parsley, Organic Chives, Fennel Seeds, Caraway Seed Powder), Microbial Rennet. CONTAINS MILK.

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