Banana Bread with Roasted Cocoa Nibs

Banana Bread with butter

While we at Trader Joe’s are fans of a good classic, we also like the idea of finding ways to make something a little bit better, wherever we can, whenever we can. Take this recipe: it’s a variation of our Banana Bread Mix, using tahini in place of canola oil for a hit of nutty flavor. (Roasted Cocoa Nibs are added for good measure, and also crunch.) The result is a fragrant, nutty loaf that holds its own at breakfast or dessert.


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Banana Bread Mix and Organic Tahini

If we were to rename this product, we’d call it the Best Banana Bread Mix, Maybe Ever. The secret to the banana goodness in this box? It’s banana. Or to be more accurate, dehydrated banana flakes—the flake format makes mixing so much easier! We’re offering 15-ounce boxes of our classic Banana Bread Mix for $2.69, the same price since 2008. Now that’s bananas.

Trader Joe’s Organic Tahini offers oodles of rich, savory flavor and velvety texture to match. You’ll only find one ingredient in the jar (organic sesame seeds), but you’ll find myriad ways to use it in the kitchen—it’s not just for hummus! Stir it into salad dressing or marinade, dip veggies in it, mix it into sweets…you get the picture. Now go get some Organic Tahini—each 10.6-ounce jar is $3.49.

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