Hippy Podcast

This page links to the podcast which I have started. It is NOT about Trader Joe’s. It is for the deeper recesses of your thinking. It was started to increase your ability to think outside of your routines, HARD! This page/podcast is not for the faint hearted or people that have traditional ideologies… or are offended easily, or care about living more than dying, or don’t think conspiracies are possible, if yo don’t like Joe Rogan’s Podcast, or if you love anything the way any famous person loves their lap-dog, or if your car is washed and waxed regularly, or if you don’t think drugs can be good for you, or if you think the devil exists…

If this all sounds Kosher to you, then check out The Hippy Shit Podcast. I have many more things to add. But for now, listen if you have had an experience sooo beautiful, that you never saw life, love, or people the same way again.


Enjoy your lives or the satan that you pretend exists will get a (pretend) hold of you and live your life as a robot in your stead.


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