Other Places We Shop!

Totem by Trilogy Sanctuary Boutique

Totem Boutique has amazing boho gear and everything they sell is ethically sourced. Most of the vendors they work with come from San Diego – ALL OF THEM ARE FROM THE UNITED STATES! They have a slew of great handmade jewelry and clothing. They are located at a yoga studio/vegan restaurant on a rooftop in La Jolla. Every time I go into their shop I get overcome with a sense of freedom. They really know what they are doing when it comes to the free-spirit vibe.

Anyways, they have all of their stuff online now (I think maybe even more than they have in the actual store), so make sure to give them a look and get your expression uniquified!! TotemByTrilogy.com

Just to make it clear, Yoga Yard Sale sells all new items 🙂 – nothing is in ‘Yard Sale Condition’ – kinda confusing I know, but they have some great gear for your yoga practice and I guess just other active endeavors. I scroll through their tireless selection of leggings every few days and find something that I just ‘need’ to have 🙂

It’s way cheaper than what a lot of the other big retailers charge for the same stuff. So, they have become one of my staples for my activewear! Check ’em out Yard Sale Yoga

… I feel like when I’m scrolling through their stuff, I just have the word cute on repeat in my head:
Cute… Cute… Cute…


Oh yeah, and the ‘Big One‘…


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